Just listed: Purple crocheted bowl

This 8″ functional decorative bowl was crocheted using rich purple cotton blend t-shirt yarn made entirely from recycled factory off-cuts. Perfect as a small storage container.

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– EK

Custom order for Deanna

This week I had the opportunity to make a custom creation for a woman who wanted a textured stripes throw pillow (a la this one-of-a-kind textured throw pillow available in my shop) in black and white to match her bed. I love when people give me a creative prompt and trust me with the rest… one pillow form + 8 different kinds black and white of yarn of various thicknesses and textures… Ta-da!


Please bring me alllll of your adventurous fiber art requests. My brain is currently bursting with texture palates and color schemes.

– EK

Limited edition Cut Lemon reduction prints

Limited edition Cut Lemon reduction prints. These little guys are so special to me and I’m excited to finally share them.

Reduction printmaking is a method which results in a limited set of multicolor prints. Layers of a linoleum, rubber or wood block are cut away and inked in separate stages. The block is essentially destroyed in the process, producing a limited batch of final prints, each one of a kind.
This run of prints was super small–I made a total of 14 signed and numbered prints and there are currently 9 left. 5″x7″. Perfect to add a little color to a kitchen or dining space. Only $5 plus shipping.